• James Popham,  Jared Smith On Various Issues

    Moody And Sankey’s Errors, Versus, The Scriptures Of Truth

    Before James Popham was appointed pastor of Galeed Chapel, Brighton (1882), he served seven years as pastor of the church meeting at Shaw Street Chapel, Liverpool. It was at that time he published a pamphlet entitled, “Moody And Sankey’s Errors, Versus, The Scriptures Of Truth.”  Dwight L. Moody (1837-1899) was an American Congregational evangelist. Ira D. Sankey (1840-1908) was an American Methodist hymn-writer and soloist. Between the years 1873-1875, these men traveled around the United Kingdom, hosting “evangelistic campaigns”. Sankey attracted the crowds with his singing; Moody “closed the deal” with his “gospel sales pitch”. They held 285 meetings in London alone, with an estimated attendance of two-and-a -half million people. Their message was that of free will works religion, couched in the language of…

  • Peter Meney's Scripture Meditations

    How Shall We Escape?

    Today’s passage is short but sweet for all who have been led to find God’s great salvation by Jesus Christ in the steps of the ancient people of God. A great part of true faith is necessity. Many adopt Christianity as a lifestyle choice and embrace its principles as an act of freewill. God’s elect, however, are driven into the arms of Jesus not because it seems like a good idea but because every other refuge has been stripped away. This is what Isaiah is speaking about. A shocking message Isaiah has been faithfully speaking the prophecies of divine revelation to the people of his age. Now, however, Isaiah himself is commanded of God to testify by his actions and conduct. He is to remove…

  • John Bunyan McCure

    The Duty Of A Gospel Preacher

    On December 13, 1875, St. John’s Green Chapel, Colchester, held special services for the induction of their new pastor, Mr. Brown. Several local pastors formed the ordination council, among which was Mr. John Bunyan McCure. He was appointed to bring the “charge” to Mr. Brown, in preparation for his pastoral duties at the chapel. “I speak a word of exhortation for your patience. Here are we with Mr. Brown just recognized; and it is now my duty to deliver the charge with only a few minutes to do so. In days gone by there was plenty of time allowed for this, but we are living in days when we have to do everything in a hurry; coming to my subject—Mr dear Brother, I speak to…

  • Jared Smith's Studies In Romans

    Study 6: Secret Rebellion (2:17-3:8)

    This study examines Paul's challenge to the Jewish people as a nation, as they then existed when his letter to church at Rome was written. He charges them with hypocrisy and ignorance. Hypocrisy, because they were law breakers though they sat in judgment of the Gentiles; Ignorance, because they were law perverters, substituting God's masterplan for the ages with that of their own. An application is drawn from this teaching in the modern context of denominationalism.

  • The Friendly Companion

    God’s Care Of His People

    Dear Children,—I have thought that it might not be altogether unprofitable to devote a little time to the very remarkable subject of the passage of the children of Israel through the Red Sea. It is a circumstance that manifests God's great and glorious power in the deliverance of his own people Israel; but awful vengeance indeed in the destruction of their enemies. We find the children of Israel encamped in a valley between two high hills, or mountains. The Red Sea lay before them, the impassable mountains on either side, so that, to all human appearance, there is no way out of this place but the way by which they came, and that is now blocked by a host of enemies. Now, although they are…